‘True North’ Precise PCI Training Courses FFR Online Summit Forum Feb 5th, 2021

February 5th(Fri.) 9:00-11:10 am (C.E.T.)
Insight Lifetech Co., Ltd
We proudly invite you to attend the live broadcast of the ‘True North’ Precise PCI Training Courses – FFR Online Summit Forum. Fourteen famous cardiovascular experts from Europe and China have been invited to share and discuss clinical cases, focusing on the latest clinical progress and cutting-edge research in precise cardiovascular diagnosis and treatment.
Prof. Emanuele Barbato and Prof. Junbo Ge are the chairmen of this forum. Thank you for your attention and support for this meeting! Please scan the QR code or click on the URL below to watch the live broadcast at the appointed time. We are looking forward to your participation!
insight-med.com Insight Lifetech Co., Ltd. @Insight_LT
LIVE URL: http://www.drvoice.cn/course/1292
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