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Manual thrombus aspiration device

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    Reliable solution for thrombus aspiration

    Identity is a disposable catheter that allows the aspiration of thrombotic material inside the vessel by syringe differently from automatic devices (eg angiojet).

    Identity has a large internal aspiration lumen of 1.09mm and a thrombus aspiration capacity of 0.33 to 0.95mm2. The shaft and tip are covered with a hydrophilic coating which allows for better pushability.

    It has an internal stylet that gives greater support to the catheter which reduces the risk of “kinking”

    Guiding catheter compatibility : Identity 6F and Identity 7F


    • Optimized tip design - Smooth tip designed to increase deliverability
    • Optimal trackability - Unique hydrophilic coating on the tip & shaft
    • Excellent pushability - With an innovative shaft
    • Kink resistance - Specifically designed for aspiration catheter
    • With stylet (removable core wire) - Catheter length: 145 cm Rapid exchange length: 25 cm


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