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Efficient SpO2 digital pulse oximeter with pulse waveform for spot-check measurements of patients (> 25 kg). with alarm function.

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    Fingertip pulse oximeter ME10

    Finger pulse oximeter with alarm function

    • Powerful digital SpO2 finger oximeter with pulse and pulse curve for Spot – Check measurement in patients with body weight from 25 kg.
    • Display can be switched to 6 different positions
    • Colored and numerical display of SpO2, pulse and pulse as plethysmogram
    • Weight: only 50 g (incl. batteries)
    • Dimensions: L 60 x W 34 x H 30 mm
    • Measuring range: SpO2: 70 - 99%, Pulse: 30 - 235 BPM
    • Included are: bag, carrying cord and 2 batteries type AAA


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