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Non-compliant PTCA Balloon Dilatation Catheter

Designed for final dilatation, hard calcification lesion dilatation and post DES in-stent dilatation.

Due to wide diameter and length sizes, the high pressure catheter is capable of precisely dilatation through minimum balloon axial growth while inflation

Brochure Technical specification
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    MeCross NC  is a Non-Compliant post-dilatation balloon catheter with RX design

    Working lenght = 140 cm

    10 kinds of different diameters ranging from 2.0 mm – 5.0 mm.

    NP=12atm, RBP=22atm, reliable

    Compliance=0.55% (atm), low axial elongation 3%(atm) while inflate



    • Maximum diameter of 5.0mm can ensure the strongest post dilatation force
    • High pressure resistant, NP=12atm, RBP=22atm, MBP=30atm
    • Accurate inflation is achieved by compliance of 0,55%/atm and axial elongation of 3%/atm to prevent "dog bone" phenomenon occurs
    • Puncture-resistant performance enables easily passing through the most hard calcification and suitable for in-stent and after stent dilatation
    • "Seamless" force conduction technology ensures enough pushability
    • "S-Coating" with the latest technology can ensure durable and strong hydrophilic ability to pass through the most complex lesions with zero resistance
    • Delicate "M-advance" tip design makes the catheter softer and more flexible to protect the blood vessels
    • Suitable for in-stent dilatation, maximally protects the blood vessels and defend the health, outstanding kissing capabilities to 6F guiding catheter


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