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MeCross PTA (OTW type) balloon catheter, designed for peripheral artery stenosis, has more than 700 sizes, and is compatible with 0.014”, 0.018” & 0.035” guiding wire in both rapid-exchange and over-the-wire versions.

Technical specification
  • MeCross PTA (OTW type) is a high performance balloon catheter of MeCross family designed for peripheral artery stenosis.

    MeCross PTA balloon catheter excels for

    • broadest range of sizes (more than 700). Diameter range from 1,25 mm to 12 mm and lenght from 15 mm to 220 mm
    • supporting 0,014″, 0,018″ and 0,035″ guide wires
    • the unique “M-Advance” tip design and minimized wall thickness ensuring superior crossability
    • new ultra-lubrificated hydrophilic S-Coating help to enhance crossability and pushability in PTA intervention
    • major compliance (0,55%/atm)  and extension of length (3%/atm) to prevent “dog bone” phenomenon
    • more pressure resistance – NP = 12atm, RBP = 22atm, MBP = 30atm
    • excellent 6 wings folding and rewrapping performance (Mecross PTA 0,035″)
    • dual lumen shaft design (Mecross PTA 0,035″)
    • new balloon material (Mecross PTA 0,035″)


    • Broadest range of sizes
    • Provides the most comprehensive solution for below-the-knee (BTK) lesions
    • Advanced crossability and pushability
    • The design of long tapered tip provides outstanding balloon performance and better outcomes in calcified, difficult and distal lesions.
    • Long length up to 220 mm
    • Suitable for in-stent dilatation - high vessel protection
    • Guarantee OTW crossing profile, and with a durable hydrophilic coating, the balloon crossability is optimized
    • Minimize shaft OD while maintaining a lage inner lumen for quick inflation and deflation time
    • Reduce balloon wall thickness without compromising RBP and enhance kink resistance

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