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Transcatheter Aortic Valve


First self-expanding TAVI device to have 2 rows of markers for better and faster positioning.


First self-expanding TAVI device designed to keep always a superior coronary access.


First self-expanding TAVI device re-designed to reduce the “jumping” effect during final release.


First Valve ever with an  integrated “active” delivery safety system.


14F* Inline sheat

80% re-capturable


“adaptive” radial force


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  • Click on the image to see the entire picture

    A self-expanding nitinol stent with bovine pericardium leaflets.

    It is designed for the compatibility with the native anatomy for percutaneous aortic valve replacement procedures.

    The Leaflets are designed to function in various shapes or dimensions of the native annulus.

    The inflow section of the frame exerts a higher but optimum radial force to ensure secure attachment to the annulus


    • The self expanding nitinol stent frame.
    • The bovine pericardium leaflets and skirt is sutured around the stent frame in a tri-leaflet configuration. The leaflets are designed to function in various shapes or dimensions.
    • The three tentacles on the stent frame provide flexible anchors at the outflow which conforms to the shape of the aorta.
    • The inflow section of the frame exerts a high radial force to ensure safe anchoring.
    • The bio prosthesis can be fully recaptured, retrieved and repositioned until 80% of deployment


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