Our Story

Founded by Gennaro Broya de Lucia, EUKON is a society that has been operating in Italy since 2005 importing medical technologies from United States, Canada, India, Germany, the Netherlands, China and others.

EUKON boasts more than ten years of experience in the fields of cardiology and interventional radiology and offers state-of-the-art clinical solution.

EUKON has also been a pioneer and leader in Italy in providing automated and computerized systems analysis of radiological, oncological and cardiovascular images (as tac, angiography and MRI) so to improve efficiency and the quality of diagnostics .

Today EUKON is the winning choice in Italy for start-ups as well as for multinational companies which want to outsource sales process, to launch of a new product or to manage the entire commercial portfolio to an efficient, flexible and dynamic structure.

The company is today directed by Dr. Claudia Mugnoz.

Who is EUKON ?

Our values

Respect for people


Acting with integrity and professional ethics


We are a reliable partner for Customers and Patient is our value. We support all that could benefit patients. Our commitment is the continuous research innovative high-tech devices so to enhance progress in medicine. Our promise is efficiency, transparency and flexibility

Team Members

Gennaro Broya de Lucia


"Mater Artium Necessitas"

Claudia Mugnoz

General Manager

"Panta Rei"

Dr. Domenico Di Girolamo

Science & Medical Manager

"fire and forget!"

Daniela Marchesi

Area Manager North

"know yourself"

Anna Cammarota

Administrative Manager

"it's not rocket science"

Massimiliano D'Agostino

Business Dev. Manager

"in moto..."

Mario Di Vetta

Tender Manager

"Get Lucky!"

Francesco Pagliuso

Field Service Head

"red hot chili"

Nunzia Esposito

Logistic & Shipment Assistant

"Live and Fight!"

Marco Tirabassi

Field Service

"hands on!"

Davide Vanore

Logistic & Shipment Responsable

"Nothing is static !"

Valentina Casanova

Executive Assistant

"Choose a job you love"

Daniela Sabatino

Sales Assistant

"Well done better than well said"

Tiziana Sabbato

Logistic & Shipment Assistant

"Happiness is an attitude"

Teresa Gebiola

Tender Manager

"Respect keeps team together"

Pasquale Di Canio

National Therapeutic Specialist

"Be professional and willing are important"