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Crusade is multifunctional dual lumen microcatheter with supportive low crossing profile and easy access to complex coronary vessel.


Crusade ensures great support and access for


  • Complex anatomies, including tortuous coronary vessel
  • Complex pathologies including acute angulated lesions
  • Complex procedures and wiring techniques requiring greater force transmission


Crusade maximizes procedural success, while minimizing radiation exposure and procedural time.



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    Crusade is a double-lumen microcatheter allowing for a variety of treatment approaches using complex procedures, CTOs and bifurcations.


    Crusade sustains manoeuvrability


    Thanks to the monorail and over the wire (OTW) design CRUSADE openings it allows you to easily reach the main vessel and the side branch.

    Crusade ensures reduction of kinking and greater rotation range of the guidewires thanks to the dual lumen design.

    Strong proximal shaft with circular 0.42mm structure sustains stability and manoeuvrability


    Crusade performs better crossability


    Improvement in selection at the side branch thanks to the “shoulder” structure that orients the tip of the guide by about 5 °

    Double radiopaque markers for accurate placement, including a 1mm marker on RX lumen for clear visualization of the distal tip

    Low profile, tapered flex tip and hydrophilic coating with strong back-up force provides superior trackability and crossability

    Stronger penetration force compared to a conventional microcatheter

    • Optimized configuration and materials enable superior shaft maneuverability.
    • Flexible and strong proximal shaft
    • A "double layer lumen" allows superior GW movement.
    • Easy to Estimate the Length of Lesion
    • Two radiopaque markers on the RX lumen make it easy to estimate the length of the lesion.
    • Distal shaft with slender flexible tip

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