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Haemostatic Valve


Hemostatic valve that allows the passage of the different devices (guides, catheter balloons etc) during the PTCA procedure.


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    Easy Catch is a “push & pull” valve.

     A simple finger button allows the valve to be opened and closed, preventing significant blood loss during the introduction of the catheter.

    The next generation Y-Adaptor

    It has a capacity to insert devices up to a maximum of 2.33mm and guides from 0.010 inch to 0.035 inch.

    Inner lumen compatibility 7F

    • UN UNIQUE DESIGN - For Easy, Fast, Accurate, single handed intravascular device insertion
    • ESSENTIAL FOR DES - Perfect insertion device respecting the integrity of the coated surface
    • CLEAN & SAFER - Combination of Hemostatic Valve and an integrated Push-Pull button valve opener. Cleaner and safer procedure with minimized back flow thus limiting blood loss
    • EASIER - The Push-Pull mechanism eliminates the need of screwing and unscrewing of the valve It also helps in rapid and efficient device insertion The hemostatic valve system permits simultaneous contrast medium injection and device positioning, a major advantage during stenting procedures where accurate placement is required


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