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QFR (Quantitative Flow Ratio)

QFR, powered by QAngio XA 3D  is a novel approach for fast and accurate functional evaluation of severity of coronary stenosis.
No Invasive pressure wire no adenosine
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    QFR is based upon the accurate 3D QCA reconstruction and subsequent frame counting for the calculation of the flow velocity of  target vessel without the use of wire nor adenosine.

    QFR is easy – it’s calculated from two X-ray angiographic ortogonal projections at least 25° apart. The significance margin are the same as FFR.

    QFR is fast – It takes 4 minutes from projection acquisition

    QFR is particularly useful for

    • Non-culprit lesions in ACS and STEMI patients
    • Diabetes and chronic kidney disease
    • Small vessel disease
    • In diagnostic procedure for all coronary vessels


    • Physiologic, non invasive, assessment of one or more lesions at the same time
    • No use invasive pressure wire no adenosine
    • Easy wizard-guided workflow
    • Better stent sizing
    • Fast and accurate evaluation of degree of severity of coronary stenosis
    • Analyses can be done pre-, during-, and post-PCI online and/or offline
    • Optimal viewing angles for visualization of lesion areas

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