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TruePhysio™ & VivoCardio™ System


“Rapid. Accurate. Reliable. Cost-effective”


Rapid exchange FFR microcatheter, TruePhysio™ is the only alternative to standard FFR pressure wire technology that provides you the freedom to use your guidewire of choice.


Vivo Cardio™

Cardiovascular Pressure Measurement(CPM)System



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    “Get rapid and accurate FFR measurement”

    Is a sensor-equipped ultrathin Pressure FFR Microcatheter, a novel device for evaluating the functional significance of coronary stenosis.

    Freedom of guidewire selection

    • Rapid exchange design
    • Compatible with any 0,014″ guidewire
    • 0,0205″- in lesion profile

    Accurate, convenient and time-saving measurement

    • CathMEMS™ design guarantees accurate and reliable measurement
    • 2.5mm tip to sensor distance: shorter blind and stiff section
    • Dual marker design allows for accurate location of sensor
    • Easy handling for tandem, diffuse, bifurcation, multi-vessel lesions and tortuous anatomy

    Less drift occurrence

    • Less occurrence of clinically significant drift
    • No need for disconnection and reconnection of cable during procedures



    Cardiovascular Pressure Measurement(CPM)System

    • FFR/cRR Intergrated System
    • Simplified Workflow

    • Designed for pullback and post-PCI measurement
    • No need for disconnection and reconnection of cable during procedures
    • Less occurrence of clinically significant drift
    • Ultrathin profile provides good flexibility
    • Can be maneuvered easily over the guidewire through the stent even in complex anatomy for post-PCI measurement

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True Physio & VivoCardio FFR System

TruePhysio™ is the only alternative to standard FFR pressure wire…

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