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PTCA Balloon Catheter


Brochure Technical specification
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    Conic One Balloon is a PTCA Conic Semi Compliant OTW Catheter

    Two small diameters in one single balloon 1.25mm distal and 1.50 mm proximal.

    Low profiles – tip entry and balloon crossing.

    Very thin balloon wall, very flexible, resistant, fast deflation time.


    • Progressive Balloon Diameter
    • Deliver central and uniform dilatation with less risk to cause edge dissection. Balloon distal transition angle design: tapered shoulders at 42º.
    • Ideal for CTO and TIGHT lesions.
    • Excellent navigability properties and balanced pushability, trackability and crossability.
    • Selective use on bifurcated and long lesions. Progressive balloon diameter and wide selection of balloon length - from 15 mm to 40 mm.
    • Conical stent post-dilatation. Balloon wall very thin, flexible and resistant.
    • Guide Wire 0.014”
    • Guide Catheter 5F (0.058”)


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