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JAWS Snare System

It’s a medical device commonly used to grab foreign objectives during interventional procedures in cardiac chambers and large peripheral vascular system or hollow organs.

Technical specification
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    The JAWS snare system is a retrieval loop for interventional procedures.

    The design of JAWS snare system makes it easy for the user to grab the objects from any angle.

    Snare systems are commonly used in cardiac chambers and large peripheral vascular system or hollow organs. They are typically used to:

    • Retrieve and manipulate foreign objects;
    • Assist in creating loops where cross-over technique is applied;
    • Reposition indwelling venous catheters;
    • Strip fibrin sheaths from indwelling venous catheters;
    • Assist in performing venipuncture to obtain venous access.

    The Jaws Snare System is a medical device made out of a Nitinol wire, wrapped with a thin, radiopaque platinum wire around the distal pre-formed loop. A PTFE tube is shrunk on the proximal shaft of this loop to ensure good torquability.

    The super elastic characteristics and the shape memory effect of the Nitinol material allow the snare to be inserted through the provided snare catheter or through another catheter to the region of interest without any risk of deformation.

    The snare catheter may be used to guide the snare to the site of implantation.

    For better radiopacity, a radiopaque marker is located distally on the snare catheter shaft.

    The provided snare loader may be used to load the snare in the snare catheter or another compatible catheter.

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