Future Healthcare Now

Covid 19 pandemic  has changed dramatically our lives and behaviors. Our way to work, to meet and interact with customer has changed and is still changing even. An example are congresses. Most of congresses have been cancelled, some will be done virtually.

And, again, due to prevent the spread of infection, access to hospitals, private and public, and other structure of NHS will be or limitated or forbiden with strict safety rules.

Since last year EUKON has been planning to renovate its website with one much closer to company, partner and, mainly, customers’ needs. In the Covid 19 era we, as EUKON, have decided to do a step forward anticipating the future. Our aim is to be much closer to our customers listening interests, sharing experience, overcoming gaps, coming out opportunities etc so to offer acceptable, innovating and affordable solutions. We want to transfer and get value from/to doctors and partners and be open to new experiences.

EUKON runs a continuous change and development. My motto is

“You can never get wet twice in the same water”

That is my real focus , way to face off new challenge….that is my EUKON.

Claudia Mugnoz
General Manager

Technical Support

Our dedicated Technical Services Team is always available to help you and your staff for any technical issue or information.

For any support feel free to contact us at fieldservice@eukon.it or free tool number 800 134 964

Our Logistic Service

“Be fast and taking care of customer needs”

In order to satisfy customer and partner needs our staff is able to distribute our products effectively and quickly in Italy.

In case of emergency we can provide fastest processing order within 24 hour.

Email logistic@eukon.it

Free tool number 800 134 964


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