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Makoto™ Intravascular Imaging System

Unique IVUS/NIRS Dual source imaging system.


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    “Now FDA indicated to identify patients and plaques at increased risk of major adverse cardiovascular events (MACE).”


    Makoto™ Imaging System

    Makoto™ is a dual-modality intravascular imaging device with the ability to assess vessel structure and plaque composition via IVUS imaging and near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) Lipid Core Plaque detection technologies.

    New platform designed to improve morphological evaluation of plaque.

    Broadband (35 MHz -65 MHz extended bandwidth) for high-resolution images even in the deepest layers of the vessel, greatly improving the experience of an IVUS rating.

    The intuitive interface, flexible workflow and easy

    The only FDA-cleared dual modality intravascular imaging device on the market capable of detecting both plaque structure and composition.

    The Makoto Imaging System is accompanied by the Dualpro catheter – the only dual-sensor catheter on the market utilizing:

    IVUS  for plaque structure visualization. The only extended bandwidth catheter offering crisper image and greater depth of field than any other IVUS catheter on the market.

    NIRS for plaque composition analysis. The only catheter FDA-indicated to detect Lipid Core Plaque (LCP) offering clinicians the ability to distinguish at a glance between stable calcified plaque and unstable LCP.

    Unique chemogram display shows locations of lipid core plaque in the vessel, and quantifies lipid core with Lipid Core Burden Index (LCBI).

    • Clinicians confidence in decision-making
    • Procedure will be done based on more complete set of data thoughtout real-time vessel structure & composition visualization
    • Better stent placement
    • Reduced risks of complications
    • Drug therapy adjustments
    • Better procedural outcomes
    • Better imaging for same cost
    • Improved procedure outcomes
    • Reduced cost of complications

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